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IQusion provides services for the IT-market of Ukraine. The company works with large state organizations, enterprises, and public institutions. The company provides modern innovative ICT solutions to increase effectiveness and to meet the requirements of our clients.



IQusion is a member of the Intecracy Group consortium - one of the largest associations of ITC-market companies in Eastern Europe - thanks to this we are able to tackle projects of any complexity with the highest rates of success.

Quick facts

We have been able to attract not only highly intelligent and creative programmers, but also the most talented specialists with skills in process management, resource management, and risk management. Our close-knit, experienced, highly skilled team of professionals can, using innovative approaches and expertise, solve the most difficult tasks -- from Consulting to business process automation. Our partners are large powerful IT-companies of world class level. IQusion has implemented more than a thousand projects in 150 branches of business.
Our team consists of members with these credentials: MBA, Ph.D., Certified Project Management UPMA, masters of public administration.
We offer a full range of IT services which include; consulting for initial infrastructure construction, upgrade or improvement of IT-infrastructure, providing the necessary hardware and software platforms and their implementation, training of customer's specialists which includes further periodic support and maintenance.
To date, the company employs over 80 qualified professionals in the IT-industry. Each year the company achieves a rate of over 50% growth. Among Our regular customers are key Ukrainian ministries and agencies in the public sector, leading banks, and important industry organizations.

E-Government in Ukraine

E-Government (or Digital Government) is defined as ‘The employment of the Internet and the world-wide-web for delivering government information and services to the citizens.’ (United Nations, 2006; AOEMA, 2005).
'Electronic Government' (or 'e-Government' for short) essentially refers to ‘The utilization of IT, ICTs, and other web-based telecommunication technologies used to improve and/or enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the public sector.’ (Jeong, 2007).
E-government facilitates the operation of government and the disbursement of government information and services. E-government deals heavily with Internet and non-internet applications to aid governments manage a variety of programs and services. E-government includes the use of electronics to control the use of telephones and fax machines; as well as surveillance systems, tracking systems such as RFID tags, and even the use of television and radios to provide government-related information and services to their citizens.
The focus is on:
— The use of Information and communication technologies, and particularly the Internet, as a tool to achieve better governance.
— The use of information and communication technologies in all facets of the operations of government organizations.
— The continuous optimization of service delivery, constituency participation and governance by enhancing internal and external relationships through technology, the Internet and new media.
While e-Government has traditionally been centered on the operations of government, e-Governance is used nowadays to extend the scope by engaging citizens and encouraging participation in government decision making. As such, following in line with the OECD definition of e-Government, e-Governance can be defined as the use of ICTs as a tool to achieve better governance.


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