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Software Development

Intecracy Group consortium members offer complete Software development services throughout the whole application development lifecycle, beginning with identification of business value and requirements gathering to system deployment, including user training and support services.

Having professional architects, developers, project managers and testers on board the Intecracy Group consortium, we can engage at any stage, whether you only have an idea of your future product or have already started development. The Intecracy Group has skills and experience in the development of customized applications for a variety of different types of companies. We adjust our standard development process flexibly to seamlessly integrate with our customer’s established processes.

The Full Software development lifecycle we use at Softengi Company from Intecracy Group consortium includes:

— Identification of business value, wherein the planned software system must be evaluated based on the success factors that are important to the company. This frequently includes a feasibility study.

— Requirements gathering, where our analysts work with customer’s subject material specialists and knowledgeable experts to define the height of the application’s level requirements.

— Requirements elaboration. At this stage business requirements are prioritized and detailed. A ‘Software Requirements Specification document’ is drafted at this stage.

— Prototyping is used for demonstrating and validating system requirements. The prototype helps customers and developers understand the requirements for the system and exposes misunderstanding between software users and developers.

— System design and technical architecture development. This is where the technical blueprint of the system is created.

— Development. During this phase the design is transformed into a physical system by building the code and databases using the selected architectural approach and technologies under an appropriate management process.

— Application testing. Our testing team participates from the early stages of development and begins with test planning and test case development, and continues with various sets of tests depending on requirements, which include functional testing, UI testing, performance/load/stress testing, installation and deployment testing, acceptance testing, etc.

— Delivery and implementation includes installation of the system into the actual work environment, configuration, data migration and data load. At this stage technical and user documentation is also prepared, as well as user training and knowledge transfer.

— Maintenance and support means keeping the system up to date and ensuring it meets the goals.

Depending on project conditions and requirements the client can choose to have all the above tasks executed or can specifically request only some of them, like requirements gathering and SRS document preparation, architecture development, application testing, or support services -- and so on.

To seamlessly connect Intecracy Group’s software development processes with the customer’s and to identify possible deviations from standard processes we at Intecracy Group use agile methods supported by a flexible and adjustable framework of CMMI practices. To ensure the highest quality, all processes from project initiation to closing are monitored by our internal Quality Assurance Group.

Custom software development is usually done by an Intecracy Group’s offsite project team, led by a qualified project manager who works in tight collaboration with a project manager from the customer’s side. The Team follows strict collaboration procedures to ensure maximum efficiency.


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It develops and provides a wide variety of hardware components as well as software and related services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.

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Sybase is a computer software company that develops and sells database management system (DBMS) and middleware products.


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Teradata is a leading provider of powerful, enterprise big data analytics and services that include Data Warehousing, Data Driven Marketing, BI and CRM

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